Marta Czajkowska (Tchay-kov-ska) was born in Warsaw, Poland. She graduated with Masters in Fine Arts from Universidad Castilla-la-Mancha in Cuenca, Spain. Predominatly nomadic, she has lived Poland, Spain, Brazil, California & Hawaii and speaks five languages. She can  pack all her stuff in a single backpack. If it doesn’t fit – it is no longer hers.

Marta is a video editor, freelance photographer, graphic designer with experience with web marketing and climbing guide. Her climbing, paddling and lifestyle shots were published in numerous publications around the world. Check them out!

Her favorite subject include people in their natural environment, adventure sports, nature, travel and extreme lifestyle, focusing on women athletes. She is always looking for new models. ;) Dudes are cool too

Her award-winning documentary on Uncle Nappy Napoleon “I Just Love to Paddle” has been shown in in film festivals around the world.

Marta likes: coffee, teleporting, beef, hand cracks, sleeping in the dark, lifting heavy things, red vine, pillows, dinners with friends.

Marta dislikes: Loose rock, traffic, sugar and gluten, dirty dishes, nauseating boat rides and loud lonely planet pseudo-adventurers.